Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Notes

I had a great weekend this past. We took the boys to Houston to see the Astros play on Saturday night. It was the first major league game that any of the boys had seen. Kian and Aidan were excited to see the game and that was fun. Hiro actually sat through the whole game and watched a good portion of it. Impressive for 6. Ryan even sat through 7 innings! I was real excited about that. We only walked around for 1.5 innings and he was well behaved the whole time.

The hotel was not the best situation as it was not really a kid friendly place. The staff was excellent and the hotel was very nice but it is a business hotel and is designed for the business traveller. As a result, they did not have a lot of accommodations for the boys. I ended sleeping on the floor with Ryan. Not a big deal but my back was a little sore in the morning. Still fun, though!

Sunday was Fathers Day and we had a good day. We drove back to Austin and spent the day at Sam & Sayoko's. Sam's health is rapidly deteriorating but he was in good spirits part of the day. We are trying to get the boys around him as much as possible. Even though he is not interacting with them much, they give him hugs a few times during the day, which is sweet. Ryan is great about that!

Miyo is holding up pretty well most of the time. I'm very proud of her as I know that this is hard for her. She is harboring some resentment toward her dad but that will take some time to work out. (Just my opinion based on observations.)

We are scheduled to go to South Padre with the boys next weekend, which should be fun. Sam's health will dictate the trip; as long as he is well, we will go.

Kian and Aidan leave for Virginia Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM. They are making their annual summer sojourn to their Nana's house and will be gone for about 6-8 weeks. It's longer than I like them to be gone but it's important for them to see that side of the family and summer is the only real time that they can do it. We'll miss them for sure!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Especially the other dads out there!