Thursday, January 11, 2007

Workouts This Week

Starting this week, I am beginning a run focused period of workouts. The training plan that I am following is specifically designed to increase speed. I am working to try to get close to an 8:00/mi pace. This is quite an effort since I am running about 10:00/mi pace currently.

Monday - Swim: 1800. This consisted of a 300 w/u, followed by a main set of 200 repeats on 30 sec rest. I did 6 repeats, alternating w/ and w/o paddles, then a 300 c/d.
Tuesday - Run: Pace Intervals, 6x400. 1 mi. w/u; PI 6x400 (3 @ 8:00/mi pace, 3 @9:00/mi pace); 1/2 mi c/d.
Wednesday - This was supposed to be an easy run day, approximately 3-4 miles. Work got in the way and I took a rest day.
Thursday - Hills. 1 mi w/u @ 9:40 pace; Hills: 90 sec, 5 degree, 8:00/mi; 90 sec, 5 degree, 8:30/mi; 60 sec, 5 degree, 8:30/mi; 60 sec, 5 degree, 8:30/mi. 1/2 mi c/d. This workout will grow to longer hill segments until I have the strength to do 5-8 hill segment without breaking it down. I'm not there yet but working on it.
Friday - This is scheduled as a rest day but I may do an easy run and lift a little, to make up for Wednesday. If not, I'll do a spin class.

That's all for now.