Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Break is Over!

Now I can rest! This week has been great but boy am I tired! SXSW was this week and Miyo and I got out to see a few bands. None of the big shows as we could not get in to them. I wanted to see Echo & The Bunnymen on Thursday night but I was exhausted. We were out on Wednesday until 3:00 AM and had to be at work at 8:00. (I was late.) Monday was my 42nd b-day, Tuesday we spent a quiet night at home, Wednesday was a 35-mile ride in the morning, dinner with Mom & going out, Thursday was pass out at 9:30 due to exhaustion, Friday was St. Patty's day and more bands, Saturday was work out day with a long run followed by more rest on Sunday.

While that sounds like a lot of rest, I'm getting old and just can't party like I used to. This week it's back to the grind. Aidan has baseball practice on Tuesday, a game on Thursday, then a game on Saturday. Sometime on Saturday we have to go to Waco to pick up some stuff from Grandma's house, then get home and spend time with the kids.

Oh well! Hope all is well for anyone listening!

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