Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogger's Block?

I suppose that I could say that I've had a block towards what to write about but the truth is that I've lost the time and interest to posting a lot.

Life continues at a frantic pace and, as my time becomes more of a premium, something has to give. This is it.

Anyway, back to whatever this is about. School started for the boys today. Hiro did pretty well; not much changed for him as he is in the same class with many of the same classmates. Ryan had a tougher time; his room was the same but he has a new teacher and they changed the layout of the room totally. He was not pleased! A movie helped a little but he was not totally committed to the room. I heard him voicing his displeasure when I came back to the room to drop of his reinforcers. I feel for the teacher/aides this week. It will be challenging for them.

Today is Sayoko's birthday, so we are taking her out to dinner. Not sure where yet but someplace that offers Chinese. That's what she wants, so Chinese it is.

Tomorrow is my Uncle Al's birthday, so we are going to dinner with him, Aunt Irene and mom. Should be fun! Haven't seen Al & Irene in a long time so I'm looking forward to it.

Training is starting to ramp up again and I'm feeling good about it. I took some time off after the last race and now I am happy about getting back to it. Have to stay focused on it and on the results but I feel faster lately. The break did me some good.

I don't have any races solidly scheduled. Miyo and I have talked about a couple but have not signed up for any. We'll see how that goes.

That's all for now. Later.

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