Monday, January 09, 2006

80th B-Day Bowling, "free" fish and V.Y.

Sunday we celebrated my uncle's 80th birthday. Thursday was his actual birthday but he did not have room on his busy social calendar, so we booked Sunday afternoon.

Uncle Buddy decided that he wanted to go bowling. Sounded like an odd request to me but, come to find out, he bowls every Thursday in a league and has a 164 average! I thought, there's no way that he can bowl a 164! (I'm lucky to break into the 3-digit scoring range; how can he roll 160+?) Believe it or not, the old guy won the day with a whopping 193 in his second game! Holy crap!

My high score was a 120-something. Miyo rolled a 143 (or something like that.) My cousin rolled a 130-something. The old dude smoked everyone! Whoda thunkit?

Before we went bowling, Miyo went over to a friend's house to pick up some free fish. A co-worker of her's has a Koi pond in his backyard and was going to give us some goldfish that he has in the pond. This seemed like a good idea as Hiro and Ryan really like fish. They stop at the aquarium on the way to class every morning and watch the fish for a little bit. So, we thought, free fish seemed like a good idea. After bowling and dinner, Miyo went to the local pet shop to pick up an aquarium for the fish and a few other things that fish need. (I don't know what those things are but she bought them.) TWO-HUNDRED SEVENTY DOLLARS later, we have some rather expensive free fish!

She is no longer allowed to accept and "free" animals from anyone! (I haven't told her that yet as I just made that decree here, so that may not stand. It's real easy for me to be big and bold on the blog but I will readily admit that she wears the pants most of the time and usually gets what she wants.)

Vince Young announced over the weekend that he is going to forego his senior season and head to the NFL. I'm happy for him and think that he made the right decision. As a Fightin' Texas Aggie fan, I'm thrilled beyond words. Maybe now we have a chance to beat Texas. I'm not holding my breath this year as the addition of Gary Darnell as DC does not instill confidence in me or fear in the hearts of Texas fans. The running joke is that you can call him Gary -arnell because he's go no 'D' in him! (Darnell was the DC @ Texas a few years ago and the defenses that he coached were among the worst in school history! What was Coach Fran thinking?)

Okay, work is getting in the way so I gotta go.

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