Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So, I'm in the car driving to work this morning. I had just dropped off the boys @ school and was following Miyo to the gas station where I was going to put gas in the van. Pulling up to Pecan Street to turn and what do I see immediately in front of me but the side of a truck that decided to pull into the convenience store from the outside lane.

With no time to do anything, I slammed on the brakes and into the side of the truck. I was only travelling at ~10-15 mph, so the impact was not severe. In fact, I don't think the other driver felt it, as he continued driving and peeling the front bumper off the car. He must have heard this, as he stopped his truck. Looking at the truck, there was a small smudge of white paint where I contact his vehicle but no other visible damage. I shouted a few choice words before exiting the car.

Mind you, and I apologize if I haven't mentioned this already, I am in a rental from an accident that occurred just before Christmas. (Which also was not my fault.) So I wreck the rental and have to make 8 phone calls and tell this story 8 times to rental car people, who were very accommodating but frustrating none the less. (I can be a little impatient sometimes and don't like having to tell the same story repeatedly.)

Anyway, the guy that I hit was very apologetic and the policeman that came acknowledged that it was not my fault, so that made it better.

Oh well. I hesitate to ask what tomorrow will bring but I'm sure that it will be better. Hope everyone's day started better than mine.


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