Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome to aught-6

2006 is upon us and, for me at least, it came in with more of a wimper than a bang. Ryan, the youngest, decided that he wanted to stay up and party. He proceeded to outlast everyone, finally bowing out @ 3:30 AM. He would have stayed up longer but Dad was ready to throw in the towel. I'd had enough of Dora and Teletubbies for the night and proclaimed the evening done. It was good, though.

Sad though it was, it was kind of inspirational to see Dick Clark on the NYE show. He seems to be making great progress!

Training shifts gears this year. It's time to start working seriously for the Tri season. I have some new strength plans that I am working from this year. This is new for me as most years I start event specific training about now and concentrate on form and technique to improve my performance. This year, I am lifting more and have found a higher level of endurance and improved run times already! It's kind of scary. I'm not used to seeing improvements this early in training but I like it!

Let's hope that the progress continues!

Running late, as usual, so this is short. I think that I'll have a rant tomorrow. I feel one coming on.


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