Monday, December 12, 2005

A Christmas Party Extravaganza & a Life Lesson

The wife and I went to my company Christmas party this weekend and it was huge! There was an ice sculpture on every table, extravagant food, open bar, live music, the list goes on!

We had a great time! The only drawback was that we didn't know anyone there. The party was at corporate headquarters and I work 150+ miles from there, even though I am officially attached to the corporate office. Nevertheless, we made our own fun! We spent the night in Houston, which meant a rare night without the boys. While I can say that we both missed them, the night of grown-up time was much needed and a lot of fun!

Today, it's back to the real world. Work. I suppose that it's a necessary evil but I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I tell my kids that all the time. Don't worry about figuring out your life at age 12 (or 10.) You have plenty of time to do that later! Be a kid! Play in the rain. Play kickball in the street. Ride your bike fast and far until you feel like you can't ride anymore, then ride some more.

That's what everyone should do until life smacks them in the head. Let it lurk in the shadows. Ironically, by doing so you'll be grabbing it by the horns. Living to the fullest. Do what you want to do as long as you don't harm others in the process.

Stop to smell the flowers, but not so long as to miss the trees blowing in the wind. We all get so caught up in the big picture that we have the tendency to forget the little things. I'm guilty of it, too.

Last year Miyo started competing in triathlons. I have been doing them for 5 years.) I went to a race south of Austin to participate but mostly to help pace Miyo. This was one of her first events and she was a little aprehensive about it so I wanted to make sure that things went well and that she enjoyed the day and all that it held for her. In the process, I learned something myself. I had lost the innocence of S/B/R. (Swim/Bike/Run) While riding with Miyo, I took the time to look around at the landscape and enjoy the trees, the wind blowing through the canopy and the shade making shapes of imagination on the ground. On the run we talked and laughed and ran and walked and started over at the beginning. At the end, Miyo sprinted to the finish, as the day was about her success.

As a result of that day, during training rides and runs I try and look around and notice my surroundings more. It's sad that I live in such a beautiful city and area, Austin and Central TX, and take it for granted. Make a point of loving the outdoors and noticing the beauty that it holds. It might surprise you!

(Wow! That got really off topic from where I started but it flowed out of my fingertips. Here's to running and riding in Austin. Enjoy the beauty of it all!)

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