Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tuesday's Rant (on Wednesday)

This may ramble more than normal as I'm listening to Buffet, which often has that effect.

I'm a fantasy geek, and my football team sucked this year.
I got a speeding ticket yesterday on my way to therapy. That pisses me off! (My fault, though.)
Why not Merry Christmas? Cards from vendors that say 'Happy Holidays' go straight in the trash.
I like rice. And breakfast tacos. But not necessarily in that order.
I like pickles, too. And beer. (But I've said that before.)
I haven't started shopping for Christmas yet. I think I'll wait another week or so.
I'm ready for warmer weather.
I like the change of seasons and cool weather for a little while but would rather wear shorts year round.
My kids are great!
Ryan hates to get his hair cut; he's got a wild head of hair. (We can only cut it when he is sleeping, so sometimes it takes a couple of days to finish the cut. That is comical.)
I like working out. I don't like people who pose at the gym.
I don't understand people who stand in the middle of the workout floor and talk on their cell phones like the conversation can't wait 20 minutes until they're done.
I like my job!
I love my wife!
My best friend bought Rose Bowl tickets for $600.00 each. That's a lot of money for a football game.
My sister and her husband are coming to town on Sunday. It will be good to see them.
I like Scotch. (I thought of that because my sister's husband drinks a lot of Scotch.) Scotchy scotch scotch! (A mindless Will Ferrell reference.)
Why do Austin drivers stop on MoPac @ the 35th street bridge when there is no apparent reason for them to slow down? I have never understood this. Maybe there's a presence there that makes the people at the front of the line slow down subconsciously, causing the backup. It's that only plausible theory that I can come up with.
What makes Austin drivers think that they can drive on ice? It seems to me that they speed up when the weather gets worse. Go figure.
I could go on for a while about how crappy Austin drivers are. Do I have room to talk? After all, I did get a speeding ticket yesterday.

Oh well. See ya!

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