Friday, January 05, 2007


Monday is Ryan's big day. He has another MRI scheduled for 6:00 AM. This is his bi-annual image and is part of the follow-up for the recent EEG that we had for him. Ryan had 2 seizures on December 13 & 14; this is the first time that he has ever had a seizure, although his EEG 2 years ago did show that the opportunity for them existed.

We are going to start him on meds to help control them but need to do the MRI first and do some blood work. Because of his autism and inability to lie still, he has to be sedated. This classifies the procedure as surgery, so we have to have him at the hospital at 6:00 AM on Monday. The sedation is done using gas, so it shouldn't be too bad. The nurse said that he would take a few breaths and be out. We'll see about that! Good luck to them!

I won't say that I'm not a little nervous; I should be but know that my little man is strong and will come through without any issues. Still, I hate to see him have to deal with this.

While I truly believed that I am blessed to have my sons for all that they have taught me about myself and others, I am sorry for them that this is a disorder that they have to live with. That is what I would change: the pain that they are in.

Okay. I've rambled enough. Say a prayer for Ryan this weekend, for his strength.


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