Friday, January 05, 2007

What a Beautiful Day!

It's sunny and 73 degrees on January 5th. Who could ask for more? I have been watching the weather all week and planning on running outside today. Around 11:00 AM I started feeling tired and like I wanted to blow off the workout.

Then, I went outside. The warm breeze and sunshine picked me up and set my resolve. I was going to run! Into the car I piled and off to Town Lake I drove. A quick change in the bathroom and I was ready to go.

Run: 4.2 miles on the Hike & Bike trail.

It was crowded on the trail as many others had the same idea of enjoying the sunshine during their lunch hour. Who could blame them? Certainly not me as I was loving it too!

Sorry for those of you living under 10 feet of snow this winter but it's loverly here in Austin!

Happy Trails!

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