Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Damn it's cold

As a point of reference, I am in Austin, TX, so consider that everything is relative. Knowing that, Damn It's Cold! We had an arctic front blow through and it's 31 degrees outside. I know. It's -7 in Denver but that's Denver. It's supposed to be cold there. It's not supposed to be cold here. Three days ago I was running around in shorts and a t-shirt. Now I'm wearing a turtleneck and a sweater over it.

Oh well!

I sat for an hour in spin class today trying to decide what the background was of the other participants in the class. The woman in front of me was a triathlete. I decided this because she still has tanlines from swimming. There are a couple of spring-fed outdoor pools here that you can swim in year round. That would explain the remaining lines. There was a blind woman in the front row to the right of me. I didn't know that she was blind until the end when we were stretching and the instructor helped her navigate around the bike. The guy in the front right is there every class; I can't figure out what he does. The couple that is usually to my left took the day off. There was a new "old" guy in the back and another guy that I had not seen before who was there for the whole class but did his own thing throughout. Can't figure him out either. (As you can see, I'm not too good at this. My mind wanders and I try not to stare at those around me, making it more difficult.) The woman to the left of the triathlete is a regular. She looks like a mom who comes during lunch while someone is watching her kids. Maybe they're in the center downstairs.

Anyway, there weren't too many people in class today, so it was a short list. I think that the weather kept most people away.

Next week I am going to start to work with a trainer and begin preparations for the upcoming season. I need to work on developing some more strength to generate the Power & Speed necessary to build on last year. Here's to a good season!

Stay warm, everyone!

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