Monday, December 05, 2005

Another weekend over...

I'm actually glad it's Monday. Monday's are insanely busy, juggling work, workout, boys to therapy, home to cook dinner, etc. But, strangely enough, I look forward the normalcy that is the insanity of it.

The weekend was good. Had a great time with the wife @ Wideawake, until she fell and hit her head and knees walking back to the car at the end of the night. Her knee is still swollen from that one, and she was mostly sober to boot. (I know, if I hadn't tripped her she wouldn't have fallen.) The Longhorns are in the Rose Bowl, which has most of Austin going nuts over how to get to Pasadena and get tickets to the game. My buddy Geoff has been planning this trip since he went to the Rose Bowl last year. I'm not making the journey with him but I'm sure that he'll drop whatever dime is necessary to get tickets and get there. My nephew Matt will be his partner in crime that weekend. I'd rather stay home with the kids and hang. That's sounds old but, as they say, if the shoe fits. I can't sit through an entire football game without losing interest, at least temporarily, anyway. When I go to games, I find myself watching the clock and hoping that it keeps running so that the game will end. My ADD brain can't concentrate on one object for that long a period.

Hiro went to his 2nd birthday party this year @ Pump It Up and had a blast. He loves anything that involves jumping and really seems to enjoy being around his peers. This is a huge step for him, and he makes more friends every day. I'm very proud of him. Ryan and I were buddies while mom took H to the party. He was very cute, dancing to his videos most of the evening. At some point, the mischevious Ryan got into my key drawer and managed to hide my wedding ring and college ring somewhere in the house. Still tearing it apart to find them. Oddly enough, Miyo had a prophetic moment Sunday morning when she reminded me that Ryan has started taking things out of my drawer and to be careful with my rings. I obviously didn't listen closely enough. You're right again, love!

Hope everyone has a great day and a great week! That's my goal.

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