Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday's Rant

I have had a few thoughts running through my head today and thought that I would put them on "paper" for your review...

Why do we stare at collisions then get mad at the traffic jams that result from everyone staring at the wreck?
Who decided that the small, stiff saddles on bicycles were made more comfortable by putting little gel pads in them? Three plus hours in the saddle and nothing is comfortable.
New Order is, quite possibly, the greatest band ever.
Since when did "Merry Christmas" become offensive. I'm more offended by people succumbing to political correctness and saying "Happy Holidays" than I am by recognizing the season as it is and should remain.
I'm glad I live in Austin, where I can wear shorts 11 1/2 months a year.
I've had the same job for almost 3 years and am still not bored. That must be a good thing as it's the first time that I recall that happening.
I have a great job!
I don't like ATM's. My card was eaten by one this morning for no apparent reason.
As cheesy as this sounds, I love my wife!
Did I mention my wife is hot?
I'm ready for triathlon season to start. I'm not in shape for it yet but I'm still ready for it to start.
I like pickles. And popcorn. And beer.
And beer.
And beer.
The keyboard on my blackberry doesn't work and it's driving me nuts.
My fantasy football team sucks!
If my wife wins our fantasy league, I'll never hear the end of it!
What's the deal with... nevermind, I lost that thought.
I had a great workout today. Hope tomorrow's goes just as well.

That's my rant. For what it's worth...

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